If you have "no place to go," come here!

And the jokes just keep on coming....

Just laying this down as a data point:

And then the teacher walked in. He had a gray crew cut, a message-free tank top and shorts, without a Buddhist bead or Sanskrit phrase visible anywhere.

“Come on people, let’s get started,” he said in a New York accent, as if leading a conference call.

Then he cranked up “Misty Mountain Hop” by Led Zeppelin and led the students through a warm-up of sun salutations. Soon he had them stretching into a difficult split pose.

“Didn’t you see the torture memos this week?” called out Jane Harman, a 63-year-old devoted student in the front row, who also happens to be the United States Representative for the South Bay region of Los Angeles County.

The teacher responded, “That’s why I’m doing this.”

Har. De har. Har.

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My sympathy meter for her has gone back down to 0, and it was only at .001 to begin with.

I entreat all of Harman's constiuents to let her take her comedy show on the not voting for her when he seat comes back around for re-elections giving her all of the time in the world to entertain a comedy career.