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And it couldn't have happened to a nicer scumbag

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Get fucked, Il Cavaliere.

The Milan court sentenced him to four years but later cut it to one year because of an amnesty law.

Mr Berlusconi condemned the sentence as "intolerable judicial harassment". He will remain free pending appeals.

He and others were accused of buying US film rights at inflated prices via two offshore companies under his control.

It is the first time Mr Berlusconi - who has faced a number of trials - has been convicted of any crime concerning his business activities.

Of course he'll appeal, and his sentence was already cut down. But the first blow is always the most difficult to strike. Now dear Silvio's a convicted felon, which likely makes him ineligible for public office. So at the very least, his dream of ending his career serving a term as Italy's president are dashed.

Being half of Italian descent, I take some interest in what happens in my great-grandmother's home country. And being a lover of the common people, I take some pleasure in seeing tyrants served justice, however small.

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