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And David Sirota Drives Another Nail Into w's Coffin

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The video runs nearly 10 minutes. Toward the end even the CNN moderator's losing his cool. But look how Bush's apologist finally describes David Sirota's simple question,
"Did the Bush administration keep the country safe ON 9-11-01? They were warned."

On the YouTube page below this some of the comments are pretty rank. But Cheri Jacobus seems to me to be dedicated to the proposition that all things w / cheney are good, all things obama are bad. Why, I wonder? Sirota's right: even Condi Rice acknowledged the warnings during the 9-11-01 hearings.

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Submitted by Davidson on

I remember Condi dismissing the memo, which had the title, "Osama determined to attack within US." (Or maybe it was "Al-Qaeda determined...")

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Submitted by Damon on

I think Davidson was essentially asking for a correction if one was needed. Documention is a good thing...always.