If you have "no place to go," come here!

And as for all the pearl-clutching about pot smoking hippies...

(For example (via)).

What's wrong with pot-smoking hippies, pray tell? Other than that the rentiers who sell far worse substances as Big Pharma and Big Liquor don't want their competition? What's wrong with a lot of small businesses bringing in cash that stays local? What's wrong with ameliorating pain?

Back when hopey changey seemed more like a marketing slogan and less like the mind-bogglingly evil bait and switch it turned out to be, Valerie Jarret did a big poll, put it in a three ring binder, and handed it to The Lightbringer. Demand #2 was Medicare for All. Demand #1 was legalizing marijuana. So President Fuck You tossed it in the dumper, insulted his base in a White House presser ("I don't know what that says about the online audience [laughter]"), just like he insulted the "little single payer advocates," and that was the last we heard of that.

Fact is, the pot smokers have it completely right on policy. All the wars need to end, and that includes the war on drugs. So I get a little tired of like Obama fans Willis, who after all did everything in his powers to foist the Newest Nixon on the rest of us based on what? Ponies? getting the vapors and doing the ol' finger-wagging routine on behalf of bad policy because they don't like the way "these people" look.

Perhaps Willis should give consideration to holding a fundraiser so the occupiers can dry clean their suits after sleeping in the park?

I mean, it's almost like people are invested in seeing the occupiers fail. Odd, that.

NOTE "These people" not a quote from Willis; the quotes are there to show the tribalism.

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Submitted by dirac on

Yeah, it's hard to read Willis seriously for all his O worship. I wonder if those were fat people like Willis, should we have the same pitiful judgment/insensitivity and say: goto the gym for crying out loud and lay off the twinkies! Then maybe people will take you seriously!

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Submitted by goldberry on

I'll have you know that when I was working for big Satan, I designed drugs for cancer, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis and schizophrenia.
If you can find a natural substance that treats ailments like those, by all means, take it. Those of us in research would be right there with you, isolating, identifying and modifying the substance to make it more powerful.
What is it exactly that you want from pharma?? I'd really like to know what it is that the left expects that is realistic. No one would dispute the fact that prices here are excessive. Do researchers set those prices? Are companies allowed to recoup their research costs? Can they make ANY profit at all? Even before they were the most hated companies in the country, they made profits.
I'm getting a little tired of being bashed from both ends. Big satan's executive boards don't like us researchers because we don't work for free. Lefties don't like researchers because... we don't work for free. Government doesn't like us because those if us who are unemployed won't work for free.
How about we just don't work? Would that be ok? Cos that's where we're headed.
Don't complain about shortages down the road. Gratuitous pharma bashing to stay in
the good graces of your ideological buddies is no substitute for problem solving and
alienating a whole shitload of unemployed R&D professionals who should be on your
side but don't like to be treated like lepers.
Knock it off.

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Submitted by Aeryl on

The comment about Big Pharma is in reference to the industry devoted to keeping us doped up.

Yes, Pharma works on important stuff. It also works on stuff that does more harm than good. To think that people should not differentiate between that is garbage.

Submitted by lambert on

Big Pharma and the scientists in the labs are not the same.

* * *

"Lefties don't like researchers because... we don't work for free." Oh? I guess I'm not on the left, then. Or, if I am, where did I say that?

Submitted by Lex on

Given that fact that the lobbying arms of Big Pharma do, in fact, work tirelessly to make sure that nobody can smoke pot while putting many products on the market that either A. are no better than placebos and/or B. have some pretty scary side-effects ... and of course regularly use the public as long-term test subjects, i'd say that there's rightful scorn of them.

We know that researchers don't set prices or lobby or make decisions on what goes out the door.

It's possible to heap scorn on the banking industry without meaning the person working as a teller. It's possible to heap scorn on the DoD without meaning the poor, urban youth who sign up for the Army because they really don't have any other options. Etc. Etc. Etc. But it's not ok to heap scorn on Big Pharma because it employs researchers like you?

Submitted by dirac on

Go ahead and shrug, atlas. I've ingested toxic substances from pharma, later known to have longer-term impacts than the company led the doctors and patients to believe. The hubris of so-called "science-based" medicine in this country is real. I am not knocking it because there's tons of good. There's also tons of markup when I can buy meds from Canada for less than one-third the price. Why not be open to your own fallibility?

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Submitted by twig on

That's how people dress now. What is he expecting -- a wardrobe from the 1950s? Loafers, button down shirts, pleated skirts, women wearing hats and gloves? No one has dressed like that since ... the '50s. Or maybe last Halloween.

But he can't take these people seriously because of how they look? Puhleeeze! I honestly thought (hoped?) these petty attacks on how people look were history. Or at least limited to superficial boneheads on the right. Guess not!