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An Open Letter to Michelle Obama

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Like many of us, every once in awhile I get an e-mail from Michelle Obama asking for a contribution in return for a chance at having an up close and personal dinner with her husband. Here's how I replied.

Dear Mrs. Obama

My wife and I will not contribute to your husband's campaign this time around unless he immediately

1) Abandons his ridiculous and harmful deficit reduction campaign;

2) Stops talking about the US running out of money;

3) PROVES that is not the case by using his authority under legislation passed in 1996 and minting a 1 oz. Proof Platinum $60 Trillion face-value coin, depositing it at the Federal Reserve, and the using the Mint's seigniorage profits to fill the Treasury General Account (TGA) with approximately $60 Trillion in electronic credits;

4) Uses the proceeds to immediately pay off that part of the national debt that is owed to Federal trust funds, agencies, and the Federal Reserve, and pays off all Federal debt to other creditors as it comes due; without rolling it over by issuing new debt;

5) Makes a major speech telling everyone that he has solved the problem of the national debt through 3) and 4) and proven that there is no debt reduction and entitlement problem and that, in due course, there will be no national debt to burden anyone's grandchildren;

6) Immediately proposes a Federal Job Guarantee bill providing full employment for all who want to work at a regionally cost-adjusted wage of $10 per hour, plus access to Medicare and a full range of standard fringe benefits including two weeks annual vacation and all paid Federal holidays; and

7) Immediately, begins comprehensive investigations, shortly followed by prosecutions of the banksters and fraudsters responsible for the crash of 2008, and the continuing housing crash and losses of unemployment and housing suffered by so many millions of Americans. Saying that we must look forward and not backward is saying that there will be no justice or rule of law. Americans like us cannot accept that. Justice is one of our most important values and allowing the criminals who destroyed the lives of millions of people to get still richer makes people like us want to throw up every time we think about the Obama Administration.

That's our price for these old New Deal Democrats supporting your husband a second time. We won't take promises when it comes to this. We need action, not “just words” to believe what he says once again.

The President has full legal authority to do everything I've mentioned above right now. So whether he does it or not, is up to him alone. If he doesn't do these things he can't whine that the Republicans stopped him from doing the right thing. He will have no one to blame but himself.

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Your husband won't win if the Republicans nominate Mitt Romney and the President does nothing concrete between now and the election, or keeps on his needless deficit reduction track, while producing miniscule reductions in unemployment. On the other hand, if he does do this, finally ends the recession, and creates full employment he will secure an honorable legacy and the affection, gratitude, and respect of the American people, and will also win a second term against any Republican challenger.

Warm Regards,

Joseph M. Firestone, Ph.D.

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I'm afraid his mind is shut tight; but I'll keep knocking the door!

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It is one of my shortest and one of the easiest to write. Thanks for appreciating it!