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An Open Letter to All Our Friends on the Other Side

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This comment prompts me to post: I am not your enemy. We get a lot of right leaning readers here, for the life of me I don't know why, but I'm glad we do. You can scroll down and read what I wrote in response, but basically, it's a simple concept: I don't hate you, Little* Republican, I hate those who lie and cheat and steal from you. Your Masters. Who are not really Republican, Conservative, or even heterosexual. I hope you can understand that Jesus would utterly reject them.

It's a simple request: let go of your hate for me, just for a little while, and see who else may deserve it. Right here, in this there anyone who had made your life suck more than me? Try to ask yourself that question honestly. Did I cause you to not get that promotion or job, or was it the "Republican" CEO who decided it was cheaper to send it to China? Did I cause your marriage to break up, or was it really because some misogynist scumbag raped your wife when she was a little girl, causing her to have a lifetime's worth of problems with men and sex? Did I deny you a great education** that makes you feel smart and powerful and aware, or was it that Republican legislator who decided to "borrow" that money from the state education budget so he could enrich his crony friends with some pork project that year? Did I send your brother to Iraq, where he lost his eye and is now denied benefits because that's a 'personality disorder' according to the VA, or was it some rich old white guy who never served, and who has no one in his family who's ever served? I can even be respectful of your God, and I'm happy to do so if you keep him to yourself and don't let his name be used for political ends.

The only thing the rich need ever do: pay one half of the poor to kill and oppress the other half. While we're all so busy hating each other, they are raping us blind and looting our children's futures for their own disgusting and decadent pleasures today. You are angry. I am angry. Let's turn it upon those who deserve it. They are laughing at us; you for your gullibility and me for my impotence. But if we stand together, that will change.

*when I say "Little" and capitalize it, I mean it as a badge of honor. To be one of the Little People is to live in the real world, and I count myself proud to be a part of that, instead of living on some Neverland fantasy ranch like the "important" people. Only Little People know what hard work, honorable service, and family really mean.

**and don't even go there. My GREs were in the 95th percentile across the board, and Chicago doesn't do "affirmative action."

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Submitted by trifecta on

Convincing middle class and poor fundamentalists to keep voting for them and the tax breaks for the wealthy while their schools, community centers, roads get budgets slashed all in the name of stopping the gays and abortion.

So have homosexuals been stopped? Abortion is still legal. That is what gets me. The religious right has made a deal with the devil, and the devil hasn't delivered, yet they keep coming back for more.

Some people are real suckers.

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Submitted by Jakebnto on

or something like that. Gambling is a perfect example of the principle - gamblers win just often enough to keep them coming back. The key is they spend more money with a high level of uncertain reward than they would with a more certain reward. Rats, dogs, people - it's all about training.

The devil delivers just often enough to keep them coming for more.


I used to have friends on the other side in the blogosphere. But since Erik the Conservative and Hubris disappeared, there really ain't any I'd hang with.

...but I doubt you'll have much success. You did read Dean's 'Conscience of a Conservative' did you not?

ReichWingers don't 'think' like we do. They are more into 'feeling' what they are told to.

The Ol' Kool-Aid trick.

Check out Bob Altemeyer's book: 'Enemies of Freedom: Understanding Right-Wing Authoritarianism' for more.

Altemayer did find it was possible to 'change' a RWAs preconceived attitudes but it's very difficult.

Interestingly, he could not find and LWAs; that is, Left Wing Authoritarians when he looked for them.

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

wing is feeling a lot of pain. we have to try to get them to refocus their emotions, obviously their masters aren't going to help out here.

i didn't ask anyone to accept or approve of me or my way of thinking. all i ask is that people like MJ stop and ask themselves a few questions. hate me all you want, wingers, but hate those who make your life miserable even more.

then we can get something done.

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even under the nazis, there was still plenty of that going on, both on the part of the 'right' people in the party and in those suffering the worst oppression.

authoritarians and theocrats need "sin." without at least a little, they don't have a place to point people towards, they have nothing to oppose, and thus their existence can be questioned. can't have that.

i have always doubted that the authoritarians in this country will do away with some gay rights and abortion rights, because without those things, they'd have a hell of a lot less to campaign on.

Submitted by lambert on

Yeah, I remember Erik (conservative) too. You could have a discussion with them.

I think the idea of getting the wingers to refocus their emotions is beautiful, but I'm not sure it's realistic. Can you give an example from history?

Ha! I just thought of one -- Truth and reconciliation commissions. That might work. I doubt anything short of that would work.

Short of that, quite frankly I hope the wingers have not even begun to feel pain. After hubris comes nemesis. Only then comes catharsis.

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.