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An Intro by Citizen N.

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NOT BAD for a sick man working all gear and angles himself! Just a little intro vlog for my MTV gig. And hey, I only look a little bleary. Which is actually what impressed me. Aside from the fact that gettting through the entire approval process (for Street Team members, not just any member) felt like a patdown in an Israeli airport.

Not that I've ever been through an Israeli airport. I just like slinging metaphors around that deal with experiences I've never had. I mean...isn't that the core of Citizen Journalism? So say some.

You can find the embed code here if you need it for any reason, like say, for example, you hear a knock on the door in a minute and an agonized voice pleading "Help! Help! Can you spare an embed code for a Nezua vlog or somethin'?" (Don't laugh, it happens to me all the time.)

(Origin of this gig here)

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Submitted by chicago dyke on

congrats and thanks for throwing some of your teevee generated business our way. i think of you as such a special, treasured part of the 'sphere, activist and family me this seriously major in the real world accomplishment seems the least of your many fine qualities.

have fun.

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Submitted by vastleft on

Looking forward to hearing about/watching what comes next!

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Submitted by shystee on

Progressive bloggers have the best ideas/analysis of the issues but they don't have the "reach" of the corporate media.

Way to use their infrastructure to spread your thoughts to a wider audience.

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Submitted by nezua limón xol... on

thanks my friends. it sure is an interesting venture, i'll say that!

definitely appreciate the support. always good to be here. no matter how many big gigs i get. i'll always come round the hood, shoot. ;)
.delusions of un mundo mejor.

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Submitted by nezua limón xol... on

CD i'd never try to gauge which of my "accomplishments" are biggest...tho i totally agree with your point. this is just what's now. and for now. and for now, it's cool as hell! and i look forward to having a lot of fun with it.

.delusions of un mundo mejor.

Submitted by lambert on

That's where they decided to stop polling Edwards, even though his numbers are better than Tooliani's, right? My concern is that the press is deciding my election for me. Even though I'm not exactly the youth.

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Submitted by nezua limón xol... on

well, here i focused on young people. i really am interested to hear what young people have to say on current matters. they may inspire me...or disappoint me. but i'm curious to hear how much is enlightening, how much is boilerplate, how much is regurgitated, how much is original. we often talk about "young people" as if they are some monolith, but of cousre there are so many different cultures...and classes. and anyway, it will be good to just ask and talk and see.

anyway, no, my beat is not going to be only things young people are concerned about. because i would at least hope that we all care about some similar things.

re: edwards, you know, i'll have to find that out. i didnt know that.

ai yi...i feel suddenly l ike i have to know everything about oregon all the time. its quite daunting. cuz i cannot! tho i have my special feeds and links and numbers a gatherin'...

thanks for the query/fact.

.delusions of un mundo mejor.