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An ill wind


While no one keeps numbers of below-the-radar homeless finding shelter in properties left vacant by foreclosure, homeless advocates agree the locations — even with utilities cut off — would be inviting to some. There are risks for squatters, including fires from using candles and confrontations with drug dealers, prostitutes, copper thieves or police.

"Many homeless people see the foreclosure crisis as an opportunity to find low-cost housing (FREE!) with some privacy," Brian Davis, director of the Northeast Ohio Coalition for the Homeless, said in the summary of the latest census of homeless sleeping outside in downtown Cleveland.

Well, at least Bush solved the homeless problem!

Give them homes!

Even if the pediments are made of styrofoam...

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visit detroit.

i've said it in several posts before; Detroit is the face of the future towards which America is heading. detroit led the nation last period, in terms of foreclosures. and it's not the first time Detroit has been 'left behind' by the money party, to the detriment of neighborhoods.

drugs, gangs, copper thieves, prostitutes, other things...all this and more is going to happen to these parts of the country with lots of empty houses. how is that surprising? the underground economy has been growing, and indeed, thriving, for some time now. only the arrogance and lying nature of our Official Economic Minds pretends that's not true.

blech, i haven't had enough coffee. this is about so much more than a few homeless people moving into a few mcmansions. it's about how middle class america has officially lost the economic privilege it has enjoyed since the end of WWII . we can come back from this, but i can see that we lack the political will to do that anytime soon. so like in the case of detroit (whose ex-football player mayor is in hot water for lying about a mistress and a guy he fired) it's going to take at least a generation before these 'hood are brought back, if they are at all.