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An article that's four years too late

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From Jezebel, "A Complete Guide to Hipster Racism": Oh thanks for nothing. It's easy enough to write this four years later when it no longer matters, but some of us remember the reaction when we called out white Obots on their crass instrumentalisation of race in 2008.

I think we can expect to wait a very long time before we read a field guide to hipster sexism.

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Submitted by nomad2 on

These things need to be said. I won't say "now more than ever" but better late than never. They matter. White folks were doing this long before BO was elected. It's as annoying now as it ever was.

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Submitted by The Other Elizabeff on

What I'm saying is, they REALLY needed to be said four years ago. That's the facepalm for me. Not the content.

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Submitted by lambert on

Yep. Well said. And dittoez on the sexism, though Corrente did try to mark Jon Favreau a little.

Incidentally, I think it's super that Robama discovered the war on women just about the time Obomney clinched the nomination, but isn't three and a half years a little late? Sweetie?

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