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Skills are like beauty: in the eye of the beholder. "Trading Spaces" and "In a Fix" are useless, note, when it's your water heater that just had a hairball, and your vintage 1957 house that's now ... not functioning.

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Mine crapped out about a year ago and we replaced it ourselves. (Handy to be out in the sticks with no zoning regulations/building codes etc. sometimes.) Deepest sympathy for an emergency mind you but don't let it rattle you. The thing was built and installed by mere humans just like you and you can do what they did.

Or pay somebody; goddess knows it's what I would have done if had had the bux. It was indeed annoying for the few days we had to live without hot water while working things out (delivery, etc.) but a nuisance is not disaster.

Hell, we've been worried about you Texans floating off downstream. To find one with a problem consisting of a lack of water is...disconcerting. May Chalchihuitlcue, Lady Precious Green, Goddess of storms and water, keep an eye on you all.

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I know that there are lots of issues with stick-built houses.... But parts of mine are vintage 1900, grading up to say 1970, and I'm surprised by how simple and rugged the engineering is. In case you have a lack of confidnece (unlikely) don't. Even a city boy like me can learn.

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Just for plumb nosiness curiosity's sake did you have to change the unit out entirely or was it a minor glitch of the repairable sort?

If you replaced it, check with your local utility company to see if they have any sort of rewards plan. When we replaced our WH the electric co. gave us $25! Even though it was swapping one electric for another one. Apparently they just reward you anytime you install an appliance that eats their type of juice.

And i had no idea such a program existed; I had never seen it advertised or heard it mentioned. But it's there.

(Not sure if the gas/propane companies have anything similar but here those are private while the Elect. is county/municipal.)

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