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"Americans Widely Back Government Job Creation Proposals"

Gallup (which skews right):

Job creation proposals enjoy widespread public support, including majority backing among all party groups, even when the issue of government spending is raised in an era when deficit reduction is one of the major priorities for the federal government. Despite the high levels of support for the job creation proposals, the political realities in Washington are such that Congress has not passed any of the proposals since President Obama first advocated many of these more than a year ago. The major sticking point with jobs legislation -- as with most other measures being considered in Washington -- may not be whether the programs should be pursued but whether the government should pay for them through increased taxes or cuts in other government programs.

Fine. Everybody agrees military spending is out of control anyhow, so cut that.

Shorter Gallup: The political class is not responsive to the electorate. But you knew that.

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