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Americans INFORMED About TPP are against it 2:1, but that's only 12% of the public

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From Majority has no opinion on Obama’s Pacific trade deal

The Monmouth University survey shows that 60 percent of the public is not sure about the effect of the free-trade deal brokered between the United States and 11 other Pacific Rim nations.

“Free trade agreements like TPP can provoke a firestorm on Capitol Hill and Wall Street. But the potential impact on Main Street remain difficult for most Americans to picture,” said Patrick Murray, director of the Monmouth University Polling Institute.
Among respondents who have an opinion about the agreement spearheaded by the Obama administration, 11 percent said the net effect will be positive for the U.S., 19 percent negative, and 10 percent said it would have little impact.

Only 12 percent of respondents said they had heard a lot about the deal, while 47 percent reported hearing very little.

Among respondents who say they are informed, however, the deal is viewed very unfavorably. Of the small group, 47 percent said the effect of the agreement would be bad, compared to just 23 percent who said it will be good.

12% having "heard a lot about the deal" is really unimpressive, given that wikileaks gave activists a 2 year head start that they otherwise wouldn't have had. Then again, we really shouldn't expect too much from 'activists' who fight the plutocracy (based on my prior observations). See my diary Anti-TPP "Activists" blow 400 Conch Shells, Defeat TPP Henchmen Representing 40% of World GDP

bonus depressing observation!

From time to time, I still listen in on parts of the phone conferences given by flushthetpp and occupytogether. Somebody is still pushing local resolutions (and/or ordinances) against TPP. They call them "TPP free zones".

I never hear anybody point out the obvious, viz., if the greatest danger of TPP is that it will even subordinate federal law to the the investor state dispute tribunal, why on earth would any sane person expect a local resolution to be obeyed? Of course, it won't be. The only value, thus, of a local ordinance is as a means of education; however, without making such an intent crystal clear, you end up bamboozling people into thinking that their local resolution is actually accomplishing something, and that their energies are well directed in supporting these efforts.

Thus, it's safe to assume that the TPP 'free traitors' are LAUGHING at the 'activists', once again.

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Only 12% informed? Why am I not surprised?
The few people I know in the states are very poorly informed because; the government policy of unrelenting distractions (elections, race issues, women's issues, etc., etc., etc.) combined with the longest economic downturn in my 70 years, gives little incentive to feel a functional member of society...
Hell, just look at this dead blog; fewest comments in years; it should be a vibrant voice in these times...

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Well, my perch seat is on the other side of the International Date line; so am well out of touch with my fellow Mericans. I also do not read or listen to CCM (corporate controlled media).
Inept works; criminally so, IMO. That said, I have no ideas or solutions to offer.
The Brit's seem to have consumed the koolaide as well.

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this is very distressing, I somehow thought that knowledge of TPP has spread into the general public. There is a great deal of anti TPP discussions at Reddit, also Slashdot, so it has spread beyond the conventional left into the digital activists. I was at an event where Bernie Sanders and Rep. Don Beyer (VA-8) spoke, right after the vote on TPP. The room roared their disapproval at Beyer for his pro-TPP vote, so at least knows that some of his constituents are not happy with him.

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In my diary With "Activists" Like This, Who Needs Enemies?", written back in June, I quoted;

On 6/8/2015, I got an email from Subject: "Flush the TPP Update - Show your outrage"

Most of the top 2/3 of the email has to do with Congress - all well and good, as far as it went.*

But then there was this non-gem:

Spread the word about the TPP and Fast Track. Many people still don't know about it. Forward this email to someone you know! Share about it on social media. Follow #StopFastTrack and #RiggedTradeRebellion.

(emphasis mine)