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American Third Parties Presidential Debate 2012: Justice, Green, and Socialist Parties

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Submitted by Roman Berry on

...not named Obama or Romney running for president? How can that be? I am constantly told that those two are the only choices. These third party candidates must be an illusion...

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Submitted by jest on

It's also interesting that half of the candidates here are women.

That's got to be a record for presidential debate, or close to a record...

Submitted by Aquifer on

Upon reflection, I realize my previous post was not responsive to your question - sorry, i was responding with a plea for unity on the left, instead of answering your question ...

Submitted by lambert on

For my money, it makes sense to vote for the heaviest possible counterweight to the legacy parties, without worrying about purity at all (leaving aside any Handmaid's Tale parties on the right, which I'd never vote for).

Not to say that electoral politics works, or even that representative democracy works. Rather, a stronger third party might just prevent the two legacy parties from doing as much damage as they would otherwise do, especially in the lame duck session.

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Submitted by jest on

but they may be overplaying their differences. you can't expect everyone to be in 100% agreement. there has to be some compromise.

I think your point about the system "working" is a valid one. The party dynamic is ok for reformist policies, but terrible for instituting real change.

It just isn't designed to do what is necessary.

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Submitted by tom allen on

See France, for example. Granted, Hollande isn't far enough left for my sanctimonious purism, but he's a step in the left direction. And if it can happen there, why not here? At least we can make ourselves heard.

Submitted by hipparchia on

there are several mentions of single payer in the comments on that article.

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Submitted by Brian.Nelson on

Wow, who knew that there were other candidates who consider themselves to be serious contenders for the presidency. Well, on second thought they must know that they aren't taken seriously.

Three more political parties in the United States are holding presidential debates according to these recent posts because they feel that they actually have a chance.