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American Terrorist Arrested

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Classless bastard decides to hurt underage girl who spurned his "romantic attentions". So he kidnaps her dog, has it beheaded with a chainsaw, and sends her its head in a giftwrapped box.
Since he is not merely venal and inhuman but stupid and self-destructive, he videotapes the whole rotten procedure on his cell phone. Police find the tape while searching his house after the terrified girl's family reports the incident.
Fortunately he's in police custody. The 17-year-old girl, whom this sick jerk apparently dishonestly told police had witnessed the death and mutilation of her dog, is reported to be deeply depressed. This 24-year-old allegedly human male perpetrator is being held on $10,000 bond on charges including cruelty to a companion animal with intent to terrorize.
More arrests like this, please; and for the sake of both victims, CONVICT this jerk!!! Were it up to me, he would be treated as he did the dog, to prevent the possibility of his ever having spawn.

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