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AHA & AMA: So what if we cut the wrong patient open? Just give us the money!

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AHA, AMA object to Medicare “never event” policy — The American Hospital Association and the American Medical Association objected to Medicare’s plan not to reimburse hospitals for medical errors such as operating on the wrong patient or the wrong side of a patient’s body. The groups argue the policy is vague and needs to be better defined, such as by determining exactly which medical services it won’t pay for in such cases. [Source: Modern Healthcare]

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I think that skepticism is warranted. Consider the State of Maine's treatment of Medicare payments to hospitals. Right now, it is several billion dollars in arrears to the hospitals in the State. It pays late on purpose, both because it makes the budget look better and because it allows a negotiation with what is by then a desperate creditor when it finally comes to payment. This practice should be seen for what it is, simple bad faith. The doctors should also look askance at a system in which Medicare may further withhold or delay payment. Of the various health care payment systems operating in the US, Medicare may be the most efficient and fairest, but it should also be seen as deeply flawed. Right now, the whole system is rife with cost shifting, which is sort of a nice way of saying fraud.