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American Extremists: "Restate of the union"

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Submitted by jawbone on

for president in 2012. It would be historic and reflect his actual policies. And soooo bipartisan!

Plus that move would give a lot of the black vote to the Republicans.... Stein did not say that, afairecall.

Some on the right will think Stein is joking. He's not.

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Submitted by Eureka Springs on

The coup is complete.

And the only people/entities willing to make threats of actual abandoning O and the D's... are the corporations / oligarchs/wall street.

Why are we listening to O and the D's at all? They are simply THE problem.

that said.. i like the graphic, VL...)

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Submitted by Valhalla on

by staying home or moving to Rs. They just either: 1) were not well-represented on the political blogs/media*; or 2) didn't announce it beforehand (not that it couldn't have been anticipated).

It's more correct to say that corporations/oligarchs/wall st are the only ones whose defection is taken notice of, by elites across the board.

* or were dismissed/disdained