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American Extremists: "Less and lesser"

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seriously, do you know how much bus drivers and babysitters are paid? the answer is: dirt. i have never understood that. now, i'm not a parent and i don't have to juggle child care costs with everything else but still. why not just strap your kid to a cannon every morning or find a asylum reject to watch your kids? most parents try pretty hard to find "good" help with babysitters cause they (the parents) see them up close and wouldn't be able to deny that said sitter is of the "barely smart enough for minimum wage" variety. but with busdrivers and other things that have been widely privatized that have to do with the security of children... not so much. parents just blissfully assume that the adult responsible for their kids for 30min/day (and more) is capable and interested in doing a good job. privitization? that never goes wrong! this argument also applies to charter schools, parish "aides" and youth scout/military groups.

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At the FBI raids protest, I ran into another DFH, and he and I commiserated over the lack of protests and political energy we saw in response to unlawful, imperialistic war, government spying, and arrests of peace activists (shades of Vietnam) and his analysis was the same as yours "we don't have newspapers anymore, journalism has been out-sourced to amateurs paid nothing". In addition to which the MCM has polished the ability to bend, twist, and redirect facts, all the while providing "entertainment" and divisive messaging.