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American Extremists: "Conscience objectors"

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Submitted by lambert on

... and its variant, "pwoggy." It's infantilizing, and I've had enough of that particular variety of feces hurled at me to want to ban it.

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Submitted by vastleft on

I was experimenting with naming the characters. I'll take that as a vote against this one

Submitted by jawbone on

"lefty"? It suggests familiarity with, depending on context, possibly belittling...or affection and approval. Now, the "little" Obama likes to sprinkle before he names any on the left he disagrees with, that is, to me, clearly dsmissive and belittling. (But I tend to think Obama has mommy problems, associating lefties and libs with his mother and her iconoclasitc lifestyle.)

What would work?

My discomfort with "proggy" is that too few readers might immediately grasp it stood for progressive. Seeing it in print left me wondering what exactly was meant. Plus, I've never heard it used in conversation. Lefty, yes. I call myself a lefty (without feeling diminished), but...proggy? Too much a rhyme with froggy? Not well enough known?

I don't have a good term, VL.

Maybe just "you progressives"? Full name denotes respect for the person; context makes the actions and beliefs the point of argument?

What think you all?

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Submitted by vastleft on

... is that space for the type is a real constraint.

I haven't gotten to officially naming Lefty "Lefty," because s/he's on the right-hand frame (though looking left), which might cause some confusion / complaints.

Glad to hear you're looking forward to them.

Sometimes it is a bit of a challenge to keep up, but so far, I'm managing to get one out each day, and tomorrow's -- the 21st installment -- is ready (though I may change or replace it based on HCR-bill developments).

Submitted by lambert on

... "pwoggy," (sounds like baby talk) which definitely is.

If I had to choose, I'd choose prog, since it reminds of "The Trots" (Trotsky-ites, who s-o-o-o lived up to their name, and then morphed into the neocons).

I'm going to stick with career "progressives" because I want to call out both the self-importance and the lack of any progress (at least in any socially responsible fashion). Like "access blogger," it can be used in almost any context. I guess I prefer the rapier to the broadsword, at this point...

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Submitted by three wickets on

What else does kos call itself but righteous "progressives." If they're going to take that label wherever Obama leads them, even if it's center right, then let them have the label. I'm a liberal on the left. I don't need to be a Democrat or a Progressive. Anyway proggy sounds like froggy or toady, ree-bit..ree-bit.

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Submitted by XicanoPwr on

everybody except "illegals." Actually, he has a new target now, any Latino who objects to the Senate version of the bill.