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American Extremists: "Bill vs. rights"

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(Publishing Monday's comic early because of breaking news).

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Submitted by jawbone on

Nailed it.

Principles -- something to be bargained away for the Obama presidency.

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Submitted by sisterkenney on

Your pithy distillation of what is really happening never fails to make my day. Sad, isn't it, that this presiduncy can provide soo much tragicomedy. And the new EO? It's WORSE than the Stupak amendment, no-one is calling it out? Just shows where this WH stands. I weep.

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Submitted by BDBlue on

Although it's not complete without the fundraising call at the bottom. Because we're supposed to thank him for completely selling us out!

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Submitted by DCblogger on

I would do one with Nancy, Harry, and Barack each with a coat hanger on their head.

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Submitted by Valley Girl on

brilliant, and I am not given to hyperbole.

and, I second the t-shirt worthy comment.

and, as an aside, Obama's embrace of Theocracy is odious.

Submitted by libbyliberal on

I was thinking of the following suggestion on the way to work. I am beginning to structure my ironic observations in terms of your balloon character structure! Maybe you already structured one with this sensibility? This one would need serious tightening, I know. FWIW....

balloon person #1- If Obama actually spoke to the single payer advocates, what would he say about the idea of expanding Medicare into single payer Medicare for All?

balloon person #2- NO WE CAN'T!

balloon person #1- What if instead of doing it all in one fell swoop, we incrementally expanded medicare for ten year age brackets. First increased to anyone 55 and older. The next time 45 and older. Etc. What would Obama say?

balloon person #2- NO WE CAN'T!

balloon person #1- What if we gave states the power to opt in to a single payer expanded medicare for all system, or even an incremental one? What would Obama say?

balloon person #2- NO WE CAN'T!

balloon person #1- What was it that Obama said originally that has made you so very devoted to him?

balloon person #2- YES WE CAN!

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Submitted by anniethena on

is thanking Jeebus that Natoma has leukemia and not a life-threatening third trimester complication...
Really wonderful work, vastleft - I bookmarked your comic site in case I ever miss any in here.

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Submitted by michaelwb on

So Ms. Magazine do you still think Obama is "what a feminist looks like" a year later? Or does this force you to get your frigging eyes examined.

And for laughs they are still giving away posters of that cover with subscriptions!

If they got it at all they'd stop that and retract that cover!

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Submitted by votermom on

because it is so true.

I have composed a little poem in honor of this historic occasion:

They’ve come for the women.
I think immigrants are next.
Lovely little to-do list on the Oval Office desk.

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Submitted by Edgeoforever on

Just as it wasn't a bargain - but a design dropping the PO for Lieberman, this too seems planned to me. Stupak just gave him the politial cover for this.
Obama spoke the words in his EO many times before.
Basically, reinforcing W's conscience rules

I think he is finally paying back the women who dared oppose him.

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Submitted by madamab on

I didn't even see this before I wrote my rant for this morning, but hey, GMTA.