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An American Expat living in the UK talks about our health neglect system

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Avedon Carol

Remember when you were much younger and you heard those stories about how terrible things were in Calcutta with the maimed children begging in the streets and living in filth and all that? Remember reading about child prostitution and child slavery in poor countries? Remember being glad you didn't live there? Well, that's how those of us who live in this socialist Hell-hole feel when we read about the high costs, long waits, and fraudulent practices that people living in America have to contend with when dealing with the "healthcare" system there. Even if I did have to wait a bit long for elective surgery, it could not be worse than having to burn up the phone wires for several months just to find out whether I'm going to be allowed to get necessary treatment. The fact is, I will get the treatment, whether elective or necessary, in reasonable time, and I won't have to exhaust myself making phone calls to get it and then sell my home to afford it. Meanwhile, the taxes I pay for this privilege are certainly less than the annual costs of a health insurance policy that cannot even be relied on to deliver if it ever happens to be needed. When a friend or relative in America mentions symptoms that I know indicate, at the very least, a real need for expensive tests, I always get a sick feeling in my belly. I fear for them in ways I don't have to for people who live here. Remember, Sicko wasn't about people who don't have "health insurance", but about Americans who (supposedly) do. And you know what? I don't think we're going to get much help from an administration that really doesn't want to hear from people who want a system that isn't just another hand-out to the insurance companies.

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Avedon repeats what was clear, yet widely discusses. Obama's "reform" of health care is a sham. If insurance companies are involved they'll loot the coffers much the same way Citibank and AIG did. Heath care reform will have to wait longer.

After, "worker have to sacrifies" at GM, it's all but the fat lady. We have a righty as president. Thanks a lot.