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"America has a billionaire problem"

He's talkin' sense, Merle:

America’s 16 deadlines

As I said, I see 16 individual, though interlinked, processes in the country today that have potential game-over, irreversible end-points. You may think there are more, or you may think some could be merged, but I think that’s tweakage, “in the noise,” not a useful distinction. For our purposes, this list is good enough.

Here they are, numbered in no particular order, but grouped:

1. Accelerating transfer of wealth to the .001% (“the billionaires”)

2. Accelerating transfer of manufacturing out of the country

3. Marginalization or destruction of effective labor unions

4. Destruction of the middle class (i.e., the consumer class)

5. Capture of government by billionaires of both parties

6. Capture of the Republican Party by anti-Constitutional billionaires via Tea Party-financed candidates

7. Constitutional changes, including changes in practice to rule of law and an ever-widening circle of elites with immunity from prosecution

8. Creation via trade agreements of a transnational state that enshrines corporate sovereignty

9. Permanent war and a permanently expanding military

10. Permanently expanding national security state, including militarization of police, widespread spying and punishment for political crimes

11. The ticking time bomb of increasing numbers of returning untreated war-damaged battle-trained veterans

12. Oil dependence without recognition of oil as a soon-to-be-depleted energy source

13. Deterioration of the environment, largely due to oil and carbon dependence, among other causes

14. Destruction of the integrity of our food supply

15. Destruction of public education

16. Climate catastrophe and the collapse of human populations and level of civilization

Every one of these has the potential to run to a destructive and permanent end-point.

I don’t want to discuss them at length here — that article is still in draft. I just want to present the list for your consideration. A few will be discussed below, but only for illustration. My bottom line, and the surprise discovery, is that every single one is driven by one common cause — internationalist billionaires.

Well done. There's a lot coming together on the de-institutionalized left.

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Submitted by ubetchaiam on

What's truly sad is these 'issues' were discussed and written about-except for those associated with energy and physical environment- at the inception of this country. And as time has passed, people forgot that the U.S. is a 'first' in an experiment of an evolving representative democracy.
As towards " (Example of periodic fluctuation: The price of GM stock goes up and down — sometimes the number is good, sometimes bad — but GM stock continues to be traded on the market.", I refer you to here
"Grantham notes that the Congressional Budget Office just slashed its estimate of the U.S. long-term growth trend from 3.0% to 1.9%"; but Bernanke is keeping to his 3% growth number.