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AM I INSANE? bush just made...sense!

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Now I'm worried about me.

My remote is broke.
And I didn't get up to to turn off Bush's press conference.
Someone just asked him about Barack's willingness to meet with
"tyrants" and he actually gave an answer that made...brace yourself...

Prefect Sense.

Simpler and better sense than EITHER Barack of Hillary made in the debate.

And that is simply that when a president sits down at a table with a tyrant
THEY get more out of the photo op than we do.

and THEN...

When asked about some challenge Barack had made to him, directly
Bush said that he thinks

Barrack needs to concentrate on his race with Hillary.
He's not the candidate yet...(insert young whippersnapper)

Bravo, Bushster!
(I admire a good slapdown no matter WHERE it comes from!)

I was greatly relieved when, with the next question he was back to:

"there's uncertainty and I'm concerned about the uncertainty"

Whew. I thought I was ALMOST having a change of heart.
(I'm a Taurus...I don't deal with...change...well.)


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Submitted by janittdott on

Bush now actually TALKED about what the rush to ethanol
is doing to the price of feed corn!

AND he refused a comment of Hillary as commander in chief

PLUS his news conference may prempt Obama on Ellen this morning.
(only three minute left cross our fingers)

Bush...helping Hillary? I'm getting...a twitch


"You need a mother VERY badly!"

-wendy to captain hook

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Submitted by janittdott on

Is a strange...mold...growing on my grape juice?

Elizabeth just said something...wise...on The View.
(and she did the day before yesterday too?)

"You need a mother VERY badly!"

-wendy to captain hook

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Submitted by vastleft on

We need negotiations more than we need to worry about anyone's photo ops.

Both Hillary and Obama understand this.

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Submitted by leah on

I just got through listening to the entire news conference, and like all other of Bush's news conferences, it was filled with lies, misstatements and a total inability to confront reality.

His statements regarding Obama's willingness to engage even those states and leaders with which we disagree and with whom we have "issues," although Obama's name wasn't mentioned, were ludicrous when they weren't simply lies.

Apparently you failed to note that Bush took the notion of having disciplined dialogue with an adversary, as we did through-out the cold war when we were facing a Soviet Union with nuclear-armed missiles targeted on every American city, and transformed it into embracing tyrants, and thus giving them status. This American President who is reviled around the world thinks that he has the power to bestow legitimacy on other leaders, and doesn't recognize that he has strengthened all of our enemies.

Obama isn't talking about embracing anyone, not the way that Bush has embraced Vladimir Putin, Mubarek in Egypt, Musharref in Pakistan, all leaders who, like Castro, put their citizens in jail for no reason other than political ones, not to mention Bush's own record of justifying incarceration with as few constitutional safeguards as were present in Stalin's Russia.

Did Bush make sense to you when he talked about the need for Telcos to be given retroactive immunity else they won't be willing to allow the US access to keep track of "terrorists," or did it occur to you that Telcos get paid and got paid huge amounts of money from the US govt for those activities?

I think your justification of admiring a good "slap down," doesn't quite work, since most of the critique of Obama from my fellow posters here turns on his lack of specificity, so it hardly makes sense to tell him he shouldn't be talking about foreign policy just because this is a primary campaign.

Frankly, I think it might be a good idea for you to take a deep breath and consider if there isn't something excessive about your approach to Obama's candidacy. I see little difference in the posts you've done here at Corrente and some of the anti-Hillary raving that has disturbed me on other sites.

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Submitted by janittdott on

I'm sorry, Leah,

As this race tightens, everyone's nerves are getting a little shot.
And new posters don't always know who is who.
hence I mistook you for someone else, like an...obamastalker.

My post was not respectful to you as a core blogger of this site
so I'm deleting it and please accept my apology.

janitt dott.

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Submitted by vastleft on

Leah -- who has a wonderful sense of humor, BTW -- details many valid points about the flaws in your post.

It reflects poorly on Hillary supporters and/or Obama skeptics -- and on this blog, which has been generous with its posting privileges -- when you reflexively relay garbage merely because it is targeted at your less-favorite Democratic presidential candidate.

Submitted by lambert on

Probably attacking Senior Fellows of The Mighty Corrente building personally is not the best way to learn how to blog.

I'm famous for my sense of humor, but goodness, sometimes I go wrong when that happens.

There are plenty of other sites where link-free posts can be made....

[x] Any (D) in the general. [ ] Any mullah-sucking billionaire-teabagging torture-loving pus-encrusted spawn of Cthulhu, bless his (R) heart.

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Submitted by janittdott on

And I'm out of here, as well.

Cause it's not my intent to contradict the core members of the board.
(and I was trying to work in the guidelines that you gave me Lambert)
But clearly, I'm coming from someplace else, so I'll happily bow out.

The Idea, as I see it, is to support Mrs Clinton.
This is a distraction from that.

Before I do go, Leah, I sincerely apologize to you.
Honestly, how could I be SO stupid as to NOT see that you are one of the core bloggers here, I had not seen you before, and I thought that I looked at core that list carefully, but did not see your name until just now.

Of course I will delete my disrespectful post as soon as I finish this.
You may prefer to delete the whole blog as you see fit.
For it is not being taken in the spirit in which I intended it.

Which was sort of...shock...that the discourse of this election is SO jacked
that Bush is starting to make miniscule ways.

And I admit this disruption is largely my doing cause I don't have time
to get up to speed here as I would if Hillary was not in jeopardy.

I admit I MISTOOK you for just another raider and I was wrong about that.
I would never have confronted you on you own site. Again I'm sorry.

On the other hand, someone here, pretty rudely corrected my...spelling.
which is not only a base online insult, but, as a person with a disability in that regard, who is sensitive the plight of even more challenged writers who fear criticism if they try to access the they don't...

I expected people to be more civil here, so I guess it goes both ways.

The thing is, it's pretty sane here but every Hillary site I go is staggering under a landslide of hostile obama supporters doing their insulting "resistance is futile" thing, including like I said, at Hillary's official site.
Jamming her blog there discouraged Wisconsin voters who felt ignored or censored or...hurt...when their posts of affection and support did not show up.

It may have cost her votes.

And that was not a sourceless story. I was THERE, watching that happen.
So I don't apologize that, as the clock runs down on her last chances
that the sexist harassment of Hillary Clinton is making me...angry.

As for the unattributed post about Obama last night...
I explained when I posted it, I was trying to get the link from the source (which was SAID to be the CNN or the wall street journal )
so I thought it merited investigation as a...possible breaking story.
I never at ANY time presented it as FACT, Quite the contrary.

And as soon as it was calmly refuted by someone here as unfounded,
I ASKED to have it deleted as a false allegation.

In a good spirit, I did post one last blog, The Watergate Effect,
It clarifies where I am coming from on breaking news.

As for this blog, I was being...ironic.

Cause I have been literally wracking my brain trying to figure out
ANY way that Hillary Clinton can get a fair shot at this nomination.
And she is running out of time, people.

SO when I heard Bush say something...simple,

That he had managed to make a point that was CLEARER than
either candidate had said it in the debate.
That was the only point I was trying to make in this blog.

I was surprised that ANYTHING that comes out of that man's mouth
could make sense to me.

Anyway, I'm all for your civility here. Civility is a good thing
Keep it up. We need civility anyplace we can still find it.

But I'm getting LIES about Obama being a terrorist in one email
then pictures of LYNCHINGS from his supporters in the next,

And, I was here trying to get to the TRUTH
Cause, here in the heartland, we are trying to cope with...that.

I told you, Lambert, I am not a blogger and if you had advice for me
and you told me that blogging is ABOUT finding a distinctive voice
and connect the dotts.
And I know I've done that, I always do.

Now people here are telling a Clinton supporter to...shut up.

I've tried to explain my reasoning, I've deleted posts, I've apologized.
And I wish you well in you're efforts, corrente, honestly I do,

but, of course, I am out of here.

janitt dott.


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Submitted by leah on

...but I don't consider myself some sort of cult member.

The title of my comment was also meant to be humorous, and yes, I did understand that you were allowing for the possibility that you were overreacting. And you were. That was my point.

I'm aware of the many attacks being posted all over the web on Hillary Clinton, her husband, the Clinton years, and her campaign that are unfair, often repeating rightwing tropes that have been shown to be unjust and often just plain wrong. And yes, the Obama campaign deserves some responsibility for that. But Clinton supporters are not blameless, either. It was painful to watch, in the last debate, Hillary try to get to Obama's right on something like a willingness to talk without pre-conditions with non-allies, and on Israel. Those kinds of cheap shots don't often work, especially for a candidate who is having momentum problems. Mind you, Obama has taken cheap shots, and his campaign has indulged in some of the cheapest of all - especially the race angle and the attempt to elide the differences between the Clinton and the Bush years.

I didn't mean my comment as a personal attack, janittdot, and I don't intend to take your response as a personal one on me. I am suggesting that the post you did last night, which I'm glad to see that you now seem to understand was the kind of baseless rumor that doesn't belong in a post, does suggest to me that you might want to acquaint yourself with more of Obama's background and his actual positions, because had you done so before now, I doubt that you would have found there to be any credibility in that rumor. BTW, Investor's Daily is an extreme right-wing website.

I intend to post more on what I've found out about Obama that let me vote in good conscience for him on Super Tuesday, although Edwards was my first choice. I hope you will be able to read such posts with an open mind, especially since it seems increasingly likely, though not yet certain, that Obama may be the candidate of the Democratic Party, and believe me when I tell you that he is going to need all the help he can get to win in November, just as Hillary will, if she becomes the nominee.

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Submitted by leah on

I see that our comments crossed over one another; I just wanted to make it clear that I hold no hard feelings at all, none whatsoever.

Also, I wish you hadn't deleted the post; I think it led to a meaningful discussion, and since it was you posting your opinion it didn't suffer from the limitations of the other post, derived from rumors, that I think it was appropriate to delete. It's your post so I leave it to you, but I wish you'd put the post back where it was, by date, among the line of front page posts; if you are not sure how to do that, just leave me a message and I'll do it for you. Most of my posts are about listening to one another, and my concern for this community and the larger liberal/progressive community to unite to defeat McCain in November, so the last thing I want to do is discourage discussion. Just be aware that putting your opinion out there can lead to a pointed response like that one you got from me.

best wishes, and please continue to feel welcome here.