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(Almost) One Year In: Barack Obama and Views from the Black Left

It's a podcast, with no transcript, but you should listen when you get an extra couple of hours. Jared Ball and Dedrick Muhammad and the audience cover a wide range of topics. Some random examples, remembering off the top of my head:

running for President as an obscure third party [Green] candidate,

Obama's beer with the white cop who arrested a black Ivy League professor and his complete silence on Oscar Grant,

are Americans talking about race yet? [you get three guesses]

the education trap [staying in school is the way up and out, not],

community organizers who are in it for the long haul vs the rich kids who organize for a couple of years and move on,

how do you help people escape poverty? [give them money! duh],

food stamps are a better stimulus...

There's lots more.

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they mention single payer!

and the media.