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All progress is not forward, but maybe

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it's not too late to turn the corner on one aspect.
Between 1895 and 1910, ELECTRIC CARS made up nearly a third of the vehicles on the roads.

It's possible that Spindletop is to blame for the decline in electric cars. Between that and the Gingrich/Clinton budget stopping the SSC in its tracks, much that has worked against the public good is often blamed on my home state.

But we're learning to live the way we did before Spindletop again -- with windmills and water wheels and, (gasp) magneto-driven radios, flashlights, etc. "Gearing down" to the late 1890s could do a lot that's positive for the nation and the world; if we can make it unfashionable to be as rich as Paris Hilton, perhaps we can even positively change the direction of US politics.

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