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All I want for Christmas is single payer health care

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From the Tampa Bay Tribune:

In an era when our government has intervened on behalf of Citigroup and AIG and Freddy and Fannie and all those financial wizards on Wall Street, maybe we can bail out the tens of millions of Americans without having to count on auctions or widows' funds to pay for medical care.

Read the whole thing. It's terrific.

[T]he United States ranks last among comparable nations in preventable deaths and first in out-of-pocket costs, despite spending twice as much as anyone else on per capita health care.

But somehow, a whole lineup of liberal advocacy groups, policy wonks, media pundits and politicians have concluded there is a national "consensus" to fix this broken and dysfunctional health care system by expanding the private insurance system that created the disaster.

Well, why not? It certainly worked for Big Money!

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Submitted by splashy9 on

Where those that are liked the most get it, while those that don't have lots of friends and don't look so cute go without.

That's how I see these charity auctions, etc. that people have to resort to, to get health care here in the US.

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Submitted by Damon on

It really is, splashy. It's like a nightmare of a reality/game show. Those without better hope that if they get a disease or have an acute medical problem it's a 'sexy' one, or their screwed than they already are.

BTW, when I read "financial wizards" in the original blogging, my mind read "financial lizards".