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All I want for Christmas is courage from our leaderz

Courage? Heck, sanity. Stiglitz (via CR):

Many Wall Street financiers, having received their gobs of cash, are returning to their fiscal religion of low deficits [Quelle surprise!]. It is remarkable how, having proven their incompetence, they are still revered in some quarters [Quelle surprise!]. What matters more than deficits is what we do with money; borrowing to finance high-productivity investments in education, technology, or infrastructure strengthens a nation’s balance sheet.

The financiers, however, will argue for caution: let’s see how the economy does, and if it needs more money, we can give it. But a firm that is forced into bankruptcy is not un-bankrupted when a course is reversed. The damage is long-lasting.

If Obama follows his instinct [Let's hope], pays attention to Main Street rather than Wall Street, and acts boldly, then there is a prospect that the economy will start to emerge from the downturn by late 2009. If not, the short-term prospects for America, and the world, are bleak.

God rest ye, merry gentlemen!

Think Big Money will fuck us? Again? I'm guessing yes, if Obama runs true to form and doesn't prevent them.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

Its amazing how people still want to believe they know Obama's intentions and "instincts". Though I generally assume the worst (because no genuinely good pols would accept the nomination the way he did), I still don't know what his priorities and "instincts" are, especially since he essentially abandoned his positions from that 1996 form his "staffer" filled out.

My christmas/new year's wish is for Hillary to stay in the Senate and Franken to win. I'd have a little more hope in that instance.

Back to enjoying family...

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Submitted by Damon on

[Let's hope]

Let's not, and say we did, while we actually get to working, ok?

Everything comes back to hope, now. Everything will always comes back to hope, now. It's just too easy. We don't have to actually do anything; we just have to hope. And, when things don't change, well, you just hope a little harder, no?

I have a feeling he's going to regret using "hope" and "change" as a campaign slogan. Of all of the more solid positive verbs he could have went for (i.e. solutions, progress...), he chose the hyper-ethereal.

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Submitted by scoutt on

and hope is not a strategy.
Some folks are constantly polishing the hope- look at my abs and squeezable man rack while others are already working on how to solve problems.
Work horse vs show horse. And the show horse wants no mud on his gleaming those pesky little homos asking for respect.

Submitted by ohio on

Yes, let's get to work. So, where to start, Damon? As you look around, what do you see that people need and how can we supply that need?

I am not being glib. I am impatient. So many people in need, so where do we begin? I am personally intrigued by the idea of microlending. And finding a way to make Corrente self-sustaining.

And you? Where do you see your chance to make the world suck a little less and how can I help you?

Yes, some problems are so big they require efforts larger than a single person, "Give a man a fish and he eats today; teach him to fish and he eats for a lifetime" and all that. But while the Smart People are figuring out the grand plans on how everyone will learn to fish, I'd like to to do my bit. I haven't given up on worrying the Smart people, but in the meantime, while someone is teaching that guy to fish, his stomach is growling.

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Submitted by gqmartinez on

Its those in power who don't want to give the ideas a chance. Frankly, you don't support HR676 and fail to offer even mild reproofs to your presidential candidate of choice for using Harry and Louise ads. Something doesn't add up there, IMO. But I digress.

There are lots of "micro efforts" to help those in need worth looking into. I've been looking into Seattle area efforts as a career path so if you're interested, I can shoot you some of my thoughts on orgs...