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All-Christian prison proposed for Wakita, OK

Via Tulsa World:

This tiny town near the Oklahoma-Kansas state line north of Enid may soon own the country's only all-Christian prison, with Christian administrators, employees, counselors and programs.

"If Chicken Little doesn't come to town, we'll be open in 16 months," said Bill Robinson, the founder of Corrections Concepts Inc., a Dallas nonprofit prison ministry that is spearheading the project. ....

Robinson, himself an ex-con and prison minister, said he had been working for years on the idea of an all-Christian prison, and he had invested $1.3 million so far on construction plans and other expenses.

He said a lot of prisons have faith-based or Christian units, but he knows of none with an all-Christian staff.

"The staff, being all born-again believers, will see this as a mission," he said.

"They don't have to go to church, or Bible study, but they have to participate in the curriculum, which is Christ-centered," Robinson said.

He possesses legal opinions that say that as a religious organization, the prison will be able to hire only people of like faith, he said.

Actually, I'm for all-Christian prisons, and I think we should start by jailing the Bush and Obama administrations.


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Submitted by Bryan on

Before we stop trying it.

Florida did it in 2003 under the supposedly smarter Bush who was just as committed to faith-based privatization of government services as his brother. It failed, just like all privatization of government services does, and the state wasted a lot of money. There were also law suits and a big mess.

Unless they really need more work for the fraud units of their state's Attorney General's office, this has never been a good idea.

Naturally, they will do it because it sounds like a good idea, and this will be the one time when the people in charge don't end up in prison.

Submitted by lambert on

The cronies that the privatization contract went to made a lot of money, so where's the failure?

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Submitted by Bryan on

John Ellis Bush became associated with Lehman Brothers after leaving office and probably convinced his cronies to invest with them.

Just as the former governor shares "John Ellis" with his cousin at Fox News, the CEO of Lehman Brothers was George Herbert Walker, last seen in the name of 41, George H.W. Bush, and his son, 43. It's all in the family.

The Florida pension fund took a bath on that one. I think Lehman expected to get bailed out by the Shrubbery, the same way that Scooter Libby expected to get pardoned, and Katherine Harris expected White House support in her run for the Senate. The loyalty was all one way for George Walker Bush.

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Submitted by nihil obstet on

because otherwise I'd probably say something about what a hell of a visitation policy they'd need.