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Alaska's Mike Doogan, Democrat, is an asshole

Just go read Mudflats.

It's the same deal up here in Zone 5b. Somehow, the Big D on the jersey doesn't mean the people who run the state are accountable, or transparent in what they do.

Imagine that!

NOTE Via Avedon.

UPDATE I'm wrong; Doogan's not an asshole, he's a dorkwad, says Phoenix woman, who also has the email address of AL legislators to send polite letters to.

UPDATE Wrong again! Doogan is neither an asshole nor a dorkwad, he's an ignorant fuckhead. His concern is that bloggers use pseudonyms -- like James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, Ben Franklin...

UPDATE Back to square one. Doogan's an asshole. Confusing!

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Submitted by Sarah on

and wear "the Big D on the jersey"? 'Cause, dude, as A-man says, na ga ha pun.

People are, in some substantial fraction of their actions, jerks. Some more than others; some just more publicly than others. Last time I looked, Dems were people just like Repubs.

That said, my sympathy is oftener with whoever's got that Big D on the jersey (well, okay, there are exceptions, and if Jerry Jones turns out to be the world's BIGGEST idiot with money and brings Mike Vick to Dallas, that will be a reason not to care about the Cowboys again) than anybody with an R on their breastplates.

To avoid breaking mudflats' etiquette rules, I'll quit here. Except to say, Doogan's a jerk. So? He's in the Alaska state government, what did you expect?

Submitted by lambert on

... an asshole, and plenty of state reps aren't. Plus I think it's critical to highlight state efforts like this one.

Submitted by jawbone on

all" being his way of trying to ignite citizen action by providing everyone's email address so they could get together and strengthen their demands for transparency? Teehee.

Yeah, that's it, that's what he meant to do. That's the ticket. (Think this in Jon Lovitz's voice)

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Submitted by ElizabethF on

you want to send messages to a member of Congress then publish his email on your site, then use your name.

In fact you want to have a site and have political relevance - use your name.

I think this is a little lopsided here. Anonymous has little credibility in my opinion if you want to be know as an advocate and are willing to take a stand.

I think all this chaos about 'identity' exposure is arrogant. Take responsibility for your written word should someone fight back.

Yes Doogan is histrionic. However.......