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Alan Grayson on Versailles Democrats

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Rep. Grayson: The Democratic Establishment Are ‘Losers Who Lose For A Living’

REP. GRAYSON: They’re losers, Alan. These are people that lose for a living. Look what happened last year with the Senate races. There were seven open seats, they lost six of them, alright? How many Republicans who were incumbents lost? Zero! How many Democrats who were incumbents lost? Six! These are losers who lose for a living, now they’re trying to screw up my race.

Anyone from Florida?

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Same thing in PA. The national Dems have finally find somebody to oppose Sestak! And guess what! They've never won a race! This is good, too:

Rendell said he told McGinty there is a chance she could win but that she will have two tough elections in front of her. The first would be the April 26 primary against Democrat Joe Sestak, a former Delaware County congressman, who is seeking a rematch against Republican incumbent Pat Toomey after losing narrowly in 2010.

Having the time to raise money to counter Sestak’s deep grassroots connections will be crucial, Rendell said.

“The only question is how much time is there to raise money,” Rendell* said. “And the answer to that is, ‘you’ve got to get started.’”

The Democrats really do hate their base, don't they?

NOTE * You remember Ed Rendell, right? The loser who told Gore to concede to Bush before Bush v. Gore?