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I woke up this morning with the intention of blogging part six and part seven of havealittletalk's series on the Alabama PACT fiasco. I've been puzzling over those pieces for a couple of days, and I think they might have some bearing on our efforts to enforce accountability and transparency.

Then I took a look around and checked my messages. I discovered that the State Treasurer had made a public statement that had to be dealt with. That the Facebook groups were still growing. That a contact of mine has meetings with some state legislators next week. That there were open meetings issues to deal with ahead of Tuesday's board meeting.

I received some communication that made me think I needed to put together a guide to the PACT issue and some electronic contact information and get them out as quickly as I could.

After I was done with all that, which took a while, someone informed me that is coming soon!

So I am a happy man. Anxious to see what's going to happen next, but happy to see so many people making an effort to take charge and communicate on this issue.

I will continue to give the people I am in contact with the best advice I can. I will continue to write about what people are doing on this. I will continue to look into the issues that neither the MSM nor public officials seem willing to tackle. I will continue to keep asking questions.

Hoping for a first-hand report from the board meeting on Tuesday.

I am pasting most of my guide to the PACT issue below for a couple of reasons. First, I want people to see how much we've done on this since March 6. Keep in mind, the links I include here are not a complete list. Second, I just want this in the The Mighty Corrente Archives, because the people here who helped us out, and who followed along, are a part of this story, too.

Alabama Prepaid Affordable College Tuition Program Information

PACT Letter-Writing Campaign

Download Letter and list of Board Members as a Word file.

Phone, fax, and e-mail contact information.

March 24 PACT Board Meeting

Date: Tuesday, March 24, 10 a.m.

Location: State Capitol Auditorium, Montgomery.

Meeting Agenda (pdf)

Meetings Policy(pdf)

For Researchers, Investigators, Legislators, Engaged Citizens

To connect with others working on this issue:

Left in Alabama: Connecting Progressive Voices in Alabama

SAVE Alabama PACT! Facebook Group

Save the Alabama PACT Facebook Group

Operation Keep the PACT

Document Collections

Alabama Treasury Department Official Website:

Current Program Documents*

FAQ and Additional Documents

Collection of PACT Contract-holder Ken Gamble

*Several of these documents were changed on our about March 13. I have the documents as they were posted on the site prior to the March 13 update.

Program Evaluation

Basic analysis of the investment strategy

Further analysis and discussion of the “Guarantee.”

Investigative Series on the role of private companies in the management of PACT funds:

Part 1: My PACTs and Their Fictions

Part 2: Digging In

Part 3: Clueless Kay. And the Caymans.

Part 4: Do-it-Yourself Investigative Journalism

Part 5: Hitting Bedrock, or Why this Isn’t an Investment Plan

Part 6: What $3,926,219 Buys These Days

Part 7: Paging Dr. Bronner

Coverage of the March 12 Public Hearing

Part 1: Alabama PACT Board has Lost the Trust of PACT Parents

Part 2: My Statement to the Alabama PACT Board

Part 3: Is the Alabama PACT Board Going to Hell?

Part 4: Alabama PACT Parents Offer Solutions at the March 12 PACT Meeting

Part 5: True or False: Alabama PACT Parents Were Just Dumb Investors

Direct link to Youtube clips from the hearing, about 15 minutes of video in all.

Critique of the meeting notification and process:

Pseudo-Democracy in Alabama

Coverage of Public Statements

State Treasurer Kay Ivey:

Past statements

Remarks on March 21 at Huntsville AL

Lt. Gov. Jim Folsom, Jr.:

March 17 Statement

Rep.Artur Davis:

Letter to the PACT Board

Call for an independent audit

Additional coverage at Left in Alabama:

Alabama College Saving Fund Tanks (initial report and discussion)

Interest in Alabama PACT High

PACT and the 2010 Governor’s Race

Additional Websites to Watch:

Have a Little Talk

Pine Belt Progressive

The Snake Pit

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