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Alabama State Treasurer "Hunkering Down"

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It's a little tough to post this right now, considering all the disintegration that's being documented by other folks here, but I do feel the need to stay on it.

Alabama State Treasurer Kay Ivey spoke to some Republicans in Huntsville yesterday and she said some things that I find interesting about Alabama's Pre-Paid College Tuition Program.

The most interesting is this quote Mooncat highlights as part of a very helpful post on open meetings ahead of Tuesday's board meeting.

Ivey told the breakfast audience at Trinity United Methodist Church that she has "been hunkered down" with the board and financial risk experts to find solutions to shore up the program for the short term.

"Hunkering down" is not the best choice of words here, and I think it is indicative of the accountability and transparency problems we're having on virtually every other political and economic issue.

The Huntsville Times has so much more.

Ivey indicated that the board is going to announce a decision on Tuesday.

Ivey said after speaking to the Madison County Republican Men's Club Saturday morning that the board that oversees the program will adopt a solution at its Tuesday meeting in Montgomery.

After she discussed PACT, she made a statement about how she will handle the issue if she runs for governor:

"I'm going to stay on the facts," she said. "I've spent my time trying to find solutions, not making political hay."

I do not find that very helpful. And I do hope someone will find a way to get her talking about specifics, like why more than 70 percent of the money was invested in the stock market when more than 70 percent of PACT's obligations are short-term . At the very least, there's a level of stupidity at work there that demands an explanation.

Then she floated some campaign speech.

"We could have a governor who knows state finances and budgets when they arrive," she said, referring to herself.

Ivey said the state needs to continue the progress it has made under Republican Gov. Bob Riley, who can't seek a third term.

She said she is the only candidate with experience working with the Alabama Development Office.

Yeah. Given the fact that she's been, you know, the State Treasurer during this economic meltdown, that's just what the State of Alabama needs from its next governor.

I think Ivey has some explaining to, and she's not the only one. I just wonder if anyone is going to be successful in asking the right questions.

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