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Alabama PACT Board Meeting Video Available

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Havealittletalk has the best catch of the day on the Alabama Prepaid Affordable Tuition Fund debacle. After catching State Treasurer Kay Ivey citing some questionable numbers about the losses of the program she notes that Ivey attended the annual conference of th National Association of State Treasurers at a resort in Maine last August. Ivey was a discussion panelist for an event at the conference. The title of her remarks:

Achieving Accountability with Strategic Planning

One of the Facebook groups is up to almost 850 members and is having a "call your legislator" day today.

We have a lot of coverage in the works. Five video clips of the board meeting are posted here, and they work very well for conveying a sense of what went on at the meeting. That post will be updated as new information become available.

Countrycat had a post yesterday indicating that some real heavyweights are preparing to obstruct efforts to try and find a solution to the problem.

I have a page with links to most of the major angles we've covered so far. I built it a couple of days ago so folks who are directly involved with this would have a single link to forward. I am using it as an index page to track our progress, and am updating it daily with new developments.

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