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Al Gore's House: As Green As Possible!

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And as Gore's renovations prove, even old houses can be taught new energy-efficient tricks. Not cheaply, maybe, but still well!

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In February, a conservative think tank criticized Gore for using an average of 16,000 kilowatt hours a month...

Gore's power consumption decreased by 6,890 kilowatt hours, or 11 percent, between June and August

Maybe they're making some obtuse reference to some uncited statistic, but this seems like a 57% decrease to me.

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Wouldn't the percent change be calculated as:

"change in usage" divided by "original usage"
6890 divided by 16,000

That would mean a decrease of 43%, which is still much better than 11% cited in the article :)

Of course, I always detested math, so I may be wrong.

Feel free to bludgeon me with comments.

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If Gore's old consumption was 16,000 KWH and his new consumption is 6890 KWH than his consumption is 43% of his old consumption for a 57% decrease

If he reduced it by 50% it would be 8000 KWH