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Akin in context

A very good post from masaccio. We have a similar situation up here in the great state of Maine. I'll bet you do too:

Akin and people like him have always populated our state legislatures. They get elected from mostly rural districts because they are good Christians and successful businessfolk, and, by local standards, pretty decent people. In the old days they’d be on the Movie Commission or the agriculture committee. You wouldn’t see them on the budget committee, because they couldn’t do the arithmetic, and because the legislators making assignments wouldn’t put them in positions where they could screw things up.

In the last few years, the leaders of both state and federal legislatures have lost the ability to keep these embarrassments out of the public eye. Now the Todd Akins and Michele Bachmans of the world sit on important committees in the House, and are taken seriously by Very Serious Journalists and Pundits when they run for a senatorial or presidential nomination. ...

I don’t really think that Akin supporters are a long-term problem. We had an accommodation with them: they live their lives and we live ours. They preach and teach, and they work towards their version of the life well lived, and we do the same. Eventually we can get back to that deal. I hope. ...

It’s the billionaires who are the problem. They encourage the Akin supporters to reach out beyond social and moral issues, and to use their numbers to deny global warming, to support every war the rich want, and to support economic theories that are slowly killing our middle class. They aren’t content with having most of the money. They want all of the money. They want everyone to kowtow to them. The problem is the American Oligarchy. We can’t live decent lives under their control.

So it's a good thing Obama... Oh, what's the use?

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