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AHIP's plan for blocking single payer in the states

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OK, I don't really know, but here is my speculation.

I have been thinking about Pennsylvania and the other states moving towards single payer. AHIP knows perfectly well that if one state adopts single payer it will spread like wild fire. Their only hope of victory is to convince people to give up before they have even tried.

First of all they will shower state legislators with almost as much money as they are pouring into Versailles. But I am sure they have a back up plan. Mark my words, somewhere in the present Senate bill, perhaps even the house bill, is a line of text that prohibits states from enacting their own plans. Now I would link to the text of the Senate bill, but I cannot work out how to do that.

In any case, if we have any lawyers among our readers, or policy experts, please do searches through the text of the legislation and look for anything that looks like a block on states doing single payer on their own. The McClatchy story has convinced me that we are dealing with deeply deceitful people.

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...they would pass a bill that forced them to vote on single payer every week.

Think of it. Every week state legislators would receive a check [campaign-contribution, AKA bribe], every week to vote against single payer, AHIP would "shower state legislators with...much money" because "if one state adopts single payer it will spread like wild fire"

So you're asking, why would that be good? I mean, it wouldn't do a damn thing for all the people that die every year in the US from lack of medical care...right?

No...but it would solve campaign finance reform!