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After setting the Gitmo bar below sea-level, Obama still doesn't deign to clear it

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Obama had already downgraded the goal of "closing Gitmo" to "moving Gitmo." (One imagines in Obama's frequent Reagan fantasies, the Gipper says, "Mr. Gorbachev, relocate this wall!")

Apparently, even that sort of Potemkin "progressive" accomplishment is beyond his pay grade:

Sen. Lindsey Graham -- who is actually trying to close the camp -- is deeply frustrated with the White House's refusal to spend time or energy to do so, quoting him as saying that the effort is "on life support and it's unlikely to close any time soon." So that appears to be a consensus: Guantanamo -- the closing of which was one of Obama's central campaign promises -- will still be open as of 2013, by which point many of the detainees will have been imprisoned for more than a decade without charges of any kind and without any real prospect for either due process or release, at least four of those years under a President who was elected on a commitment to close that camp and restore the rule of law.
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Detention without trial, and torture. We've got 'em both. And we're not doing a thing.

Only possible conclusion: the country's dead.