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"After the Health Care Reform Dust Settles, Single Payer Will Be Left Standing."

That's the title of Ellen of the Tenth's report of the single payer meeting she attended this past Saturday. Go read it; it's got stuff about union leadership versus members, and running single payer candidates. I was especially interested in its antidotal-to-gloom-and-doom aspects (my bolding throughout).

. . . Rep. Mary Flowers described her efforts to introduce and re-introduce single payer bills in Illinois. . . . Flowers believes the tide will turn because the structure recently signed into law is unsustainable. . . .

Dr. Quentin Young . . . described some themes for continued single payer advocacy. First, talk about insurance companies. They're already working to reinterpret the legistlation so it doesn't require them to do anything. Second, stress the simplicity of single payer reform. The message is that the industry is choking the country and not delivering care. . . .

Young reminded the group that the slogan is simple: Everybody In, Nobody Out. It makes the point and starts the conversation. . . . Young is talking about health care and not health insurance. Single payer will ultimately win out because it's what we need to do.

So, although it may take another ten years of ruined bodies, dead bodies, bankruptcies, etc., history is on our side.

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for posting. The event was both heartening and disheartening. I think the single payer grassroots has a long way to go in figuring out how to grab the attention of the nation. The mainstream media has effectively cut them out and the HCANNERS of the nation appropriated their anti-insurance message, and even some of their civil disobedience actions. What kind of people take credit for others getting arrested? But they did it in Chicago and then claimed victory when the public option lost out.

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I have noticed that Corrente's site statistics have done nothing but go up since Obama signed the legislation. I would be interested to know if other single payer blogs had a similar experience. It suggests to me that dissastisfaction is great and people are ready for more activism.

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the much vaunted cover all children regardless of pre-existing conditions.

Now the question is how much else in the bill is written to allow BHIPs to play games?

Where are the well-versed health and insurance reporters who should be telling the public what's in the damn bill? Where are their fine tooth comb analyses of the bill's language?

Where, oh, where? When...?

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You inspired me to dig out some old HR676 pitches and video materials which I did in my new blog above. Sanity will prevail and our movement will grow.

We need to keep the spirit and momentum going. I know I feel all the more determined. I feel like the scales have dropped from my eyes in terms of the callowness, opportunism and manipulativeness of our supposed leaders. I don't want to feel like a victim or slip back into an over-trusting but uneasy denial... I want to be a survivor and fighter for sanity and equality and compassion.