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Vote for single payer in AFL-CIO/HCAN't health care survey!

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The AFL-CIO and HCAN't have put out a survey. Please take this at at number 16 say that you would abolish private health insurance and replace it with a HR 676 Medicare for All.

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Submitted by Jess Fiedorowicz on

I was very disappointed that single payer wasn't included in the survey, especially despite the number of unions that have endorsed HR 676.

Submitted by lambert on

We get so used to being left out we don't comment.

Who do we call?

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Submitted by a little night ... on

and (sorry) did not fill out the survey - I started to do so, but I reached a point where trying to fit my complaints and my views into their available choices just wasn't working any more.

Would it make sense to leave all the checkoffs blank and just fill in the textbox question?

Submitted by jawbone on

and left out "Terrified."

I put my request for UHC/single payer into Answer 16 and the health care story.

I mean, FDR and Truman got it. For heaven's sake, TR got it. Clintons tried for the universal part; messed up by trying to work with the existing parasites. Hillary found a way to get the camel's nose -- up to the tail, practically -- into the tent. Obama said UHC is a right (OK, had to be pushed and pushed, but did say it. I know: Just words). Now? He's into pampering the parasites and bamboozling the public.