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Adventures On the Road

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Wednesday should've been so simple.
It was fun, to take my beloved to a remote location for his job. It was fun to have a day trip with him and see Texas in the late springtime, getting used to the town my son's moving to (Abilene) and getting me used to the idea of traveling US 84 and I-20 regularly.
It was fun having a couple of good meals I didn't have to plan or cook.
It was fun listening to him getting used to his new smart phone from the passenger seat.
It all came unwound on the way home when the water pump went out ... there's nothing like popping a hood to pull a dipstick and check your oil 'cause the light's blinking at a
construction stop on a steep ramp, and find green goo all over everything in the engine compartment.
That's when the adventure started. That's when the payback began.

At a little after 8 p.m. even in an oilfield town in modern-day Texas, there's no place open to call for repairs or buy parts. In some small enough oilfield towns there's no taxi, either.
The upshot of this is that three-day adventure I'm still recovering from.

But the bigger upshot is that in spite of all the foofarraw about a black President and a rotten anti-Mexican (and make no mistake about it, that's all in the hell AZ SB1070 is, an anti-Mexican law), there still are good, decent, honest, caring people around.

And I've now spent enough time off blogs in the real world amongst 'em to know that some of them are Democrats, some of them aren't, and they're all doing a lot more to make a better place out of our beleaguered nation and our benighted planet than any mountain of electron-wrangling on any blog anywhere will ever amount to.

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Submitted by hipparchia on

if you live in texas, the radiator hose on your vehicle has to leave you stranded out in the middle of nowhere at least once in your life, preferably somewhere outside of uvalde, or maybe leakey, and preferably on a midsummer sunday afternoon.

this happened to us driving home a family vacation one year. a kindly older couple stopped, drove my dad into town [and all around town] to buy a new hose and some antifreeze, helped him install the new hose in the car, followed us the rest of the way home [200 or 300 more miles], took us to their house and fed us supper, because by that time it was very late [something like 9pm iirc].

the world is full of good people, and this fact doesn't get much press, which is probably a good thing - if good deeds were news, rather than commonplace, this would be a much worse world to live in.

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Submitted by Sarah on

is full of good people.

It's a shame we don't talk more about that IMNVHO.

Thanks for the reminder.

(Oh, yeah -- when the truck came back from the shop, I had all new hoses, a new serpentine belt, a freshly-flushed radiator, and a new waterpump with its attendant gasket set.)

Thanks are due to those who helped.
My SO who didn't panic. My oldest son, who drove 90 miles after his shift at work to get us home. A coworker of my SO's (and his father-in-llaw) who lent us the dolly to bring my poor broken truck back to Lubbock and then on to that shop. The guys my SO works for and with for giving him the time to (1) chase down that equipment (2) bring that truck back with me -- some things take more than one pair of hands. Last but way far not least, Kevin (who did the work) and Mike (Who helped us get the truck off the dolly) at McWhorter's.

Glad your family's adventure ended well.

Leakey? Damn, girl, that's out there where there ain't even lizards ...

oh, and, um, thank goodness for cell phones.

Submitted by hipparchia on

i think we sat on the side of the road for a couple of hours before anybody came along, and the people who eventually stopped to help were probably only about the third or fourth car we saw the entire time.

it was somewhere out in the middle of nowhere. even for texas, we were out in the middle of No. Where. iirc we had been in del rio [which reminds me, i do still owe you that pop-up story] although uvalde and bandera come to mind too [probably because that part of the state all looks about the same and quite a number of our family trips started off the same way: 2 days driving just to get out of the state, and only then does vacation really start].

sounds like you practically got a brand new truck out of your adventures! all the important parts anyway... a working cooling system, its price is far above rubies.

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Submitted by Sarah on

as far as the cooling system goes.

Gotta figure out where the tranny fluid's leakin' out from, tho.
Also, I got an oil change out of this (about 600 miles early) and it was over a quart low. Not a biggie but I gotta figure out what's causing that,

Out in the middle of nowhere, around Bandera???

(Um, well, yeah. When I first went to Bandera, that was out in the middle of nowhere. It's been 30 years ago now -- sweet mother of Ceiling Cat, I feel old -- and Bandera's a whole lot closer to 'town'.)

You want out in the middle of nowhere? Lowake. :D