If you have "no place to go," come here!

The administration follows the Politburo's lead...

... in the Afghanistan quagmire, graveyard of empires.

Not that there's anything with empires dying, of course. Take ours -- please!

Except for all the blood and treasure and pain...

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Submitted by jumpjet on

Apparently the Democratic Party of California passed a resolution calling for an end to both the ground war and the air war in Afghanistan. He probably won't listen, but it's something.

It's not even a progressive issue; it's an issue of following common sense. Even for our ruling elites, Afghanistan is disastrous because it wears down our military supremacy. Clear-eyed thinking has to see the efficacy in ending the war.

I hope this is one area where Obama does the right thing, not because he wants to, but because he's not stupid.

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You sure about that?

And why do you think he cares what happens to America's military supremacy? He doesn't seem to care about what happens to Americans generally. (Is there anything he does care about?)

He'll stop when his masters tell him to—when there's no more in it for them. Our ruling elites are globalists rather than nationalists. They don't care about Americans either. They have other places to go.

As Randolph Bourne said, "War is the health of the state." That would include the elites that feed off the state.

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This is Afghanistan, the Graveyard of Empires. The British couldn't conquer it, the Soviets couldn't conquer it, even the ancient Persians couldn't conquer it. Darius the Great himself failed to subdue Afghanistan. The only foreign power to have even a modicum of success there was the Mongols, and the Mongols conquered everything so they hardly count.

There's nothing of worth in Afghanistan except war itself, and if our elites wanted that, why not pull out of Afghanistan and attack Iran? We could blend it with the military effort in Iraq for efficiency, and there's oil there too.

Did the elite education our elites receive include courses in history? Afghanistan is never, ever worth the effort. Ever.

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And quelle surprise, Karzai is a former Unocal executive who has had his eye on an Af-Pak pipeline for quite some time.

Also like Karzai (whom Mullah Omar once asked to represent the Taliban at the UN), Khalilzad early on supported and urged engagement of the Taliban regime, only to drop such notions when the true nature of the regime became patently obvious by 1998. And one further thing both men have in common is that in 1996/97 they advised American oil company Unocal on the US$2 billion project of a Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan pipeline. In 2000, Khalilzad invited Karzai to address a RAND seminar on Afghanistan; the same year, Karzai also testified before the US Senate Foreign Relations Committee and met periodically with Christina Rocca, then a Senate aide (to Kansas Republican Sen Sam Brownback), now the assistant secretary of state for South Asian affairs. 'To us, he is still Hamid, a man we've dealt with for some time,' said a state department official.