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Adding to the blogroll

I added a link to the main menu for the blogroll, which allow you to filter by category. (I just added several health care blogs, so I wanted an easy way to check them.)

You too can easily add blogs to the blogroll and please so. On the very top menu, to the right, click Blogroll.

The usual sort of form, but simpler, will come up. Make the title the same as the name of the blog. Fill in the blog title field with the name of the blog too (there's no way for me to avoid the duplication, sorry). Then fill in the blog category, like "Politics." Save.

It's easy and quick, so please feel free to add blogs you think should be read -- that's why the link is there! Just don't add (please) blogs that everybody already knows about. Please add blogs that only you know about (or the Corrente community doesn't know about, at least). There are so many great blogs out there, and the randomly rotating blogroll in the sidebar is a great way to learn about them.

Thank you!

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Submitted by lambert on

Here (on the menu under the logo)

Right now every topic in the list of subject matter is selected. Click on Health. The Health blogs will appear.

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Submitted by affinis on

Perhaps I'm blind. I don't see a "Blogroll" item (specifically to add blogs to the blogroll) on the top menu (I tried two different browsers - Chrome and Opera - just to check if this was browser-related). I see: Blog, Quick hit, Incident, Event, Transcript, Storify, Spreadsheet, Logo, Mail, Chat, Logout. BTW, if a fix is required, this needn't be a high priority item.

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Submitted by affinis on

Two suggestions for improving the blogroll entry form, if you're so inclined. But not important or urgent.
1. Adding an "Environment" category.
2. Providing some mechanism for associating a blog with more than one topic category when using the blogroll entry form.