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Adam Smith Foundation "Committed to Promoting Conservative Principals"

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You should get a load of this post by Howard Beale at Firedup Missouri.

A group of shady characters in Missouri Republican politics have created a foundation called the "Adam Smith Foundation." Beale does an excellent job of unmasking the leadership and argues that this organization is probably a great way of laundering some of that ill-gotten fee office money back into Missouri politics. If you recall, U.S. Attorney Bud Cummins was investigating the Blunt Administration for the fee office scandal and it was probably what got him fired. (See my past posts in March, April, and May of this year for more on this.)

My favorite part is this from the Adam Smith Foundation's webpage:

(Jefferson City) - The Adam Smith Foundation is proud to announce its official launch as an organization committed to promoting conservative principals and individual liberties for Missouri.

Our Foundation seeks to provide Missourian's with information they need to hold their State and local elected officials as well as activist judges directly accountable for their actions.

"There are countless leftist political groups in Missouri, but only a handful of conservative organizations. We strive to fill an important void by holding politicians in Jefferson City accountable." said John Elliott, organization President. "Big spenders in state and local governments have forgotten that tax dollars belong to the citizens, and we will promote ways to reduce the size of government."

Now, I know, I know, there are so many falsehoods in those two paragraphs it could take quite some time to unravel them. I mean, heck folks, the conservative Republicans are running all branches of the Missouri state government now, if there are any "big spenders" or politicians in Jefferson City who need to be held accountable, it's the folks who are already on board with this nonsense, but I digress.

The funniest part to me is that these guys aren't literate enough to understand the difference between "conservative principals" and "conservative principles." I'm sure they meant the latter and not the former.

The funniest thing is the "suggested readings" link has one book, Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations. Now is it even plausible that folks who don't have the sophistication to understand the difference between "principles" and "principals" will be expected to both read and understand Adam Smith's epochal work on economics? I think you and I know the answer to that question, don't we?

Unwittingly, I think these guys actually use the right word. As Beale's post will make clear, this foundation is apparently for laundering fee office money so that it can used to help out certain Republican politicians, most notably Governor Matt Blunt, one of the least popular governors in the United States. (In fact, last I knew, the three governors who were less popular had either been indicted or convicted of something.)

So, ultimately, I think this money will be used to advance "conservative principals" after all.

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Conservatives? Principles? Huh? Could you repeat that? I'm not sure I got it.

No authoritarians were tortured in the writing of this post.

Hmmm. You stated that; "the conservative Republicans are running all branches of the Missouri state government."

Now I understand the problem. The Judiciary has been so liberal, for so long, that the liberals forgot about it. The Liberals may have forgotten it, but the Missouri Constitution counts the Judiciary as a branch of government. The Missouri Supreme Court is not Republican.

Is it more important to expose possible political connections to a website, or to look into what the website is trying to expose?

Activist judges destroy a representative republic. They silence the voice of the people, our elected representatives. I don't care if you are in a red state or a blue state. Your elected representatives create the laws. If you want judges to create the law, you may want to look into moving to a country where a dictatorship, or an oligarchy exists.

Take a look at the sad state of the Missouri Government. Find out about the Missouri Dictators. Spend 30 minutes reviewing the PowerPoint slideshow at:

Send a link to the slideshow to your friends.

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If you don't think Scalia et al wrote their "good for one time only" decision in Bush v. Gore exactly to get the votes on the court for the kind of jurisprudence they wanted, I've got a bridge I'd like to sell you.

There were two thefts in 2000, and this was the less obvious one.

So far as I'm concerned, the decisions of the Bush Court have exactly as much legitimacy as the Bush Residency, i.e., zero. Nada. Zip. Zilch.

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