If you have "no place to go," come here!

"... activist outlets in the Dear Leader Era..."

Guess who?

David Sirota.*

I am slowly working on a new non-political project that (depending on how much I like it, and how well I can pull it off) may hit the Internet sometime in the mid to late summer. Additionally, I will continue to host the drive-time morning show on KKZN AM760 here in Colorado from 6am-10am every weekday until regular host Jay Marvin comes back - and I will continue to host the show in a way that mixes politics, pop culture, entertainment and technology....

The reason for this change is fairly simple: I'm in need of something more creative, and I want to get back to the basics of writing. It is my passion, it is what I love - and I am interested in more than just the hard-core political world, whose media (blogospheric/magazines/TV shows/etc.) and activist outlets in the Dear Leader Era I believe are becoming less and less creative, more and more sycophantic, and ultimately, completely unstimulating**.

I say that with an asterisk, though - and that asterisk is In These Times and OpenLeft. Those are two of the few places where I think generally creative and bold-thinking writing is still being done - by journalists, front-pagers, diarists and commenters. That's why, in fact, I am going to keep writing on a limited basis for both.

NOTE * If I had to call on my telepathic and empathic facilities for one moment, I'd say Sirota feels he won't have to deal with hope enforcers bringing hate anymore, and so he's letting the cat out of the bag for others to chase....

NOTE ** I seem to have called this Minsky moment in the zeitgeist with some accuracy. Haw.

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... is what came out when he was, as it were, out of the jurisdiction of the Hopey Police, eh? Nothing to win, nothing to lose, and that's what came out.