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Active v passive malfeasance

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Here are two scenarios. Tell me which one you think is more apt when it comes to what Obama and the Dems are doing to health care and the economy.

Scenario one: A child falls off of a lakeside pier with only a brother who doesn't know how to swim. The child ends up perishing because the brother didn't know how to swim.

Scenario two: The same as above, only the brother does know how to swim, but does nothing.

Scenario three: Same as either one or two. However, this time the brother chooses not throw the life preserver hanging on one of the poles on the pier but instead throws the drowning child a weighted vest, which plunges the child into further jeopardy knowing full well what will happen.

I've spent a lot of time in Democratic circles and know full well that Dems know of many solutions that would help make health care more accessible, fix the housing situation, and provide jobs for the struggling economy. So right off the bat I can rule out scenario one. That's leaves either two or three. If you look at TARP--which Obama almost single handedly kept alive with his whipping for it--and the current health care bills, its looking more and more like these folks are trying to put us in further jeopardy.

As long as we stick our heads in the sand and pretend that we are in scenario one with respect to the Dems, nothing is going to change. Change begins with accountability, not living in a happy dance fantasy world.

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After all, one person's passivity is another person's well-intentioned restraint.

But nobody likes corruption and maleficence. It's easier to turn people against the Democrats if the Democrats are made out to actively harm people.

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Not about selling shit.

The Luntzian political world you have to be preoccupied with salesmanship because you are selling shit. Some things should be about principle, not making a fucking sale.

PS: Happy Thanksgiving!

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And in the case of the Democratic (and Republican) Parties, that means you have to be able to counter their capacity to baffle with bullshit. The truth must be properly delivered- its full strength brought to bear in the most direct and compelling way. If you want to undo the malevolence of the Democratic Party you have to be able to overcome them. The truth can overcome, but it has to be well-delivered. It's the classical role of rhetoric.

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Scenario four:

Brother lures other brother down to the lakeside with promises of candy and adventure. Then he tells brother there is a magic kingdom just below the surface, but you can't see it unless you get in the water. The child climbs down into the water. The brother indicates to a spot that his brother has to swim away from the ladder to get to. When the brother complies, his brother pulls the ladder up and tells his sibling to wait quietly and the magic kingdom will appear. Slowly the boy in water grows cold and afraid, but his sibling reassures saying the kingdom is near and that his brother should be quiet or he'll break the spell. Finally the boy succumbs and the other walks away smiling to himself...sucker he thinks.

In every area that he has focused this administration, Obama has created future disaster, that is not benign neglect, it's sociopathic malevolence.

Obama is Bush's third term

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it hardly matters. We have to deal with the results in any case.

Even if it is mere ignorance, you cannot trust someone who does not know what to do to take care of things. Nor can you trust an unwilling or an evil person.

So, if the point is to not trust the Democrats, I agree. I won't say all politicians are bad, but I don't trust them until I see the results.

I really do not know whether Obama is ignorant, psychologically damaged or evil. Personally I cannot stand him, I don't think he knows much of anything and I certainly don't expect any solutions from him.

I think people will react. Unfortunately they are always slow to do so and things have to get really bad before they do.