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Action Alert: Sidewalk Summit Feb 25 in front on the White House

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February 25, 2010 – Washington, DC

Sidewalk Summit for Improved Medicare for All

Meet us at 9 AM at the White House. Specific meet up details here.

Sidewalk summits hare happening in a dozen other cities. Check here for updates on when and where.

For more information, email

Not sure if I can make it, anyone who does go, please write a report.

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The Aetna 17 heroes need our support.

The Aetna 17 are Medicare for All activists who sat-in at the insurance giant Aetna last September to expose their deadly profiteering and to push for Medicare for All.

What: “Aetna 17? court date and “Obama, Letting You Know” action
When: Thursday, February 25, 8:45am
Where: Criminal Court of New York City, 100 Centre St.

On the same day President Obama convenes a “make-or-break” bipartisan summit on healthcare reform, the 17 protesters who sat-in at Aetna are returning to court to continue their legal battle.

They need your support, so please show up and bring a lot of people with you! Photographers from the wire services (Getty and others) will be there, and the story has gotten into the New York Times and USA Today before, so let’s make it big and give the reporters an alternative angle to report on the Obama summit story!

This action is being organized by the Aetna 17. For more information please e-mail

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Just got my rate increase; a mere 15%. Really, other years have been higher. I figure I have CA Anthem Blue to thank for the favor of only 15%.

Of course, when the base rate is over a $1000/month, "just" 15% still hurts. A lot.