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Action Alert: Regional Healthcare Meeting--Greensboro NC

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Regional Healthcare Meeting--Greensboro, North Carolina

The fourth of five regional meetings on healthcare reform following the White House Healthcare Summit.

This town hall forum will discuss bringing down health care costs and expanding coverage. This discussion is especially critical for working families and businesses that need lower health care costs to create and maintain jobs during these tough economic times.

Seating is limited. Click here to request tickets to the event by March 23.

If you would like to share your first-hand stories about health care access and delivery challenges or would like to ask a question for the forum, click here.

Check back for details on single-payer healthcare rally in association with this event or register below and we'll send you the details as they become available.

Bring Healthcare NOT Warfare flyers to the rally with you! Download it here:

Too late to requests tickets, but not too late for the rally.

The rally will begin at 9 a.m. outside the North Carolina A&T Alumni Foundation Event Center, 200 N. Benbow Road, in Greensboro.

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