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Action Alert: National Day of Action MAY 30

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Healthcare-NOW! is calling for a national day of action on May 30.
Planning is happening in:

Albany, NY - May 27th
Atlana, GA - May 27th
Augusta, ME - May 30th
Austin, TX - May 30th
Indianapolis, IN - May 20th
Lawrence, KS - May 30th
Louisville, KY - May 28th
New Albany, KY - May 30th
Pittsburgh, PA - May 29th
Pontiac, MI - June 16th
Princeton, NJ - May 31st
Rochester, NY - May 30th
San Diego, CA - June 3rd
San Francisco, CA
Seattle, WA - May 30th
Terre Haute, IN - May 27th
Topeka, KS - May 30th

If you don't see your city listed, send an email to and they will help you organize one. We need a massive show of support.

Between now and May 30th I will be blogging about this to the exclusion of all other subjects.

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