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Action Alert: Health Care for Massachusetts Campaign

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Constitutional amendment for for health care campaign needs your help

This proposed constitutional amendment for health care is a citizens' petition initiative. The campaign includes the Ad Hoc Committee to Defend Health Care, the Mass. Nurses Association, Mass. Coalition for Healthy Communities, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill and many others who share a commitment to work toward a statewide mandate for fundamental change in the health care system.

If enacted after passing the statewide ballot in Nov., 2006, this amendment would ensure that every state resident has a legal right to comprehensive and affordable health insurance including medical care, mental health care, and prescription drugs.

Visit the Campaign Web site to learn more and give your endorsement. This is history in the making that needs you to be a part of it.

Given that Kennedy is chair of the HELP Committee and Barney Frank is chair of House Finance, what happens in Massachusetts is crucial to the single payer cause.

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