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ACLU and Wikileaks Strike Back

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This is good to hear, I wish them luck. As SI notes, it's stupid because it just encourages people to make mirror sites. Stupid suits, still too dense to understand how the intertubes operate as they War on Freedom. Lots of livelinks in the original.

Note to Bank: Don't Wage War With the Internets

If you follow the political blogs, you probably know about the Wikileaks case. In a nutshell, last week a district court judge ruled in favor of Swiss Bank Julius Baer and ordered the Wikileaks domain name shut down because a former bank employee allegedly used the site to post proof that the bank is involved in a money laundering scheme. Wired's Threat Level gives an excellent, thorough run-down of the story.

Last night the ACLU, the ACLU of Northern California and the Electronic Frontier Foundation filed a motion to intervene in that lawsuit.

In our motion, we argue that the court's action to shut down the site's domain was a violation of the First Amendment rights of the journalists, academics, and organizations who rely on Wikileaks for their work and members of the public who use the information posted on the site. (Not to mention clients of the bank that might be involved in illegal activities.)

It's worth emphasizing, as Wired did, that these bank documents are still available to view on Wikileak "mirror" sites based in other countries, and you can still access the site through its IP address. Which sort of goes to show that this bank doesn't realize how the Internet works: if you shut down a domain, you're just spurring Wikileaks fans to create many, many duplicates of what you're trying to control and eliminate.

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How hard would it be for the VRWC to recruit the Linda Tripps of this world to selectively leak information about legitimate companies to undermine them? Say companies that were competing with Bush cronies? The whole idea of Wiki Leaks makes me queasy.