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Accounting Control Fraud in the health care business

Health Care Renewal has the linky goodness. They conclude:

So the box score is one guilty plea to fraud charges, arrests for wire fraud. interstate transport of stolen money, witness tampering and harassment; for racketerring, white collar crime, and operating a scheme to defraud; and for engaging in prostitution; and violation of a no-contact order. The people involved were all "C-level" executives, including a CTO, two CFOs, and a CEO.

For people generally paid so well because they were thought to be the best and the brightest, should not our expectations be higher?

Simple answers to simple questions:

No. We live in a kleptocracy. This is the behavior we should expect.

UPDATE This, from comments:

Think, for a moment, of how these regimes treat their servants, the doctors, and their cash register grist, the patients. It is not pleasant being a doctor working for gangstas.

We're all in the same boat. Except those of us hanging on to life preservers, of course.

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